With QuickGifts, you can expand your reach and exposure by selling your gift cards (or gift certificates) on your website, in your email campaigns and social campaigns, participate in credit card reward programs leveraging our Card Mall, and be featured on Amazon.com’s marketplace.


You provide us with a supply of your inactive gift cards and we’ll handle the rest.


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Create Account Profile

We create a fully branded gift card storefront that integrates seamlessly with your website, social media channels and email campaigns. Once we have your inactive gift cards in house, we’ll offer your gift cards on our Card Mall and Amazon.

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Real-Time Reporting & Account Viewing

Our Merchant Console offers you easy-to-use, self-service reporting that you can access any time. View your sales, page views, verify payments and update your profile when it’s convenient for you.

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Physical & Digital Fulfillment Options

We mail your gift cards to the end recipient for all orders placed on our platform. If you would like to offer an e-Card solution, we can digitize your existing gift card into an email format that can be printed or presented from a mobile device.

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Customer Communication & Support

We offer best-in-class account support and take full responsibility for your customer’s satisfaction. We notify you each time we activate a card ID in your POS while keeping your customers updated throughout the entire order and delivery process.

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Monthly Payments

You can choose to get paid by check or ACH and we’ll send you a payment for all your online gift card sales from the previous month.


Multiply your gift card sales

Our new merchant partners who take advantage of all of QuickGifts distribution channels typically double their gift cards sales in year one.  Merchant partners who leverage QuickGifts online channels (i.e. Amazon and Card Mall) typically  increase their total gift card sales ~30% in their first year.


Increase customer convenience

If interested card buyers must visit your store to make a purchase, many simply look elsewhere. Extend your card program online so buyers can purchase when and how they choose.


Broader reach & visibility

Create visibility and sales opportunities by showcasing your card program through email marketing, Facebook, and Twitter where potential buyers are spending their time online.


More cash to grow your business

Online card sales create even more working capital while you wait for customers to redeem their cards.


Card sales = Even more sales

When card recipients redeem in-store, the overall sale is typically 2.5x the original card value. More card sales online mean an even bigger boost to top line sales.


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